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Travel Advisory: Continental Swoon 

Bowing to caution, fear, or unrepentant nagging isn’t one of my strong suits. Travel advisories from the US Department of State are rapidly becoming akin to PanAm travel brochures from the 70s, mentally pinned to the aguapanela-sodden corkboard walls of my brain. The world is a terrifying place. Do not leave your country. Do not leave your home. There is no way of life but ours. 

The landscape is rippled like a crumpled newspaper without pause, and populated with denizens who put the vaunted hospitality of the American South to shame by great magnitudes. Cyclismo paraíso. Perfection? No, but Caldas, Colombia is rapidly carving itself a gaping cavern in my heart that will ache as soon as I depart.

words from nate, who’s wintering in colombia

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